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“Behind the Scenes Team” Phillippa Pointon and Amy Hammond.
Anatomy Trains® By Thomas Myers maps the anatomy of connection, with offices in both America and the UK, Anatomy Trains Australia is the newest addition to the Anatomy Trains® global family.
Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand was founded by Julie Hammond to bring to Australia and surrounding countries the chance to access high-level learning opportunities that have previously not been accessible.

Anatomy Trains Australia aims to bring high-level training courses to qualified therapists of all modalities and to bring the necessary skills and expertise to students to help further their careers and open new pathways.

Anatomy Trains offers skills that hands-on therapists, regardless of their modality, can use to see their clients more clearly and work more effectively.

The classes are designed primarily for hands-on bodyworkers who want to expand their understanding of the myofascial connections in the body and learn new skills to affect them. It is ideal for physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, but anyone who uses manual techniques will benefit from the classes.

Anatomy Trains Australia and New Zealand has a variety of workshops on offer for manual and movement therapists.

We have two and three-day modular workshops.

Our foundation workshop is Anatomy Trains Structure and Function
> More details on the Anatomy Trains Australia website

Leading into our modular Structural Essential Workshops
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These workshops are based on regional anatomy. We have six in total and they can be taken as a one-off or completing all six workshops, depending on your interest.

Intensive Workshops

The six modular Structural Essential intensive workshops can be taken together in our 13-day ATSI part 1 intensive.

The intensive format is excellent for students who want to immerse themselves into the anatomy and for forming connections and support with other students.

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI)

Supported by our experienced teaching and administrative staff, we will guide you into a new relation to your own body and to that of your clients, progressively building your skills and your understanding in making deep and lasting structural pattern change.

Our full Structural Integration program is split into three modules:

Module 1 – Structural Essentials – 6 workshops
Module one is our Structural Essential workshops in modular format or as an intensive. This workshop guides you through local anatomy, BodyReading and techniques giving you the essential information to move into Module 2.

Module 2 – Structural Strategies – 10 Days
This module puts all of the information together from ATSI part one to develop a three series. It focuses on strategies and treatment planning for Structural Bodywork.

Module 3 – Structural Integration – 31 Days
This module is a 31-day block that is delivered in two teaching blocks, taking students through the full Structural Integration 12 series. Students will receive an ATSI 12 Series as well as providing a series to a classmate and outside model. This module also focuses on business planning and marketing.
*Note you must have completed Modules 1 and 2.