Julie Hammond

Julie Hammond

Structural Integration
Remedial Massage
Sports Injuries and Management

Julie Hammond is a Structural Integration Practitioner, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and Director of Bodywork Integration and Anatomy Trains Australia and NZ.

Julie has been a bodyworker for the last 20 years and is a certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner and Teacher, certified to teach the entire Anatomy Trains Structural Integration programme.

Julie has trained with some of the best names in the industry and has been heavily influenced by Tom Myers and Judith Aston’s work. She has a passion for anatomy and has participated in many dissections to increase her knowledge of the human body. She loves working with the feet, pelvis and jaw and has written a workshop about how each of these parts of the body are connected – if there is a problem in one of these areas, then there will be compensations in the others.

Julie also has a passion for gait and in her sessions looks at functional movement and gait. She is currently looking at the connection between pelvic floor health and arch support, or lack of, and how she can help women improve the function of the pelvis from the ground up.


Ashley Kemp

Structural Integration
Remedial Massage

Ash is a qualified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner (ATSI) and  Remedial Massage Therapist. She has worked alongside Director Julie Hammond for the last 8 years helping to develop and grow Bodywork Integration.

​Ash has a genuine love for her job and her biggest motivation is helping people get free from pain. This is her primary goal with each and every client.

She specialises in Structural Integration which is a form of bodywork that helps people become more body aware, efficient and resilient in movement.

This is done by assessing  client’s posture statically and then looking at functional movement. The treatment uses fascial release techniques to restore balance and stability, focusing on the source of the dysfunction, rather than where the symptoms present.

Ash is continually adding to her skills and enjoys a challenge. She has just returned from studying Visceral Release Through Structural Integration and started her Slings Movement Training.

Both of these modalities add to her ever-growing skills to allow her to be the best therapist she can be, which in turn, helps her clients become the best version of themselves.


Lewis Loder

Structural Bodywork
Remedial Massage

Lewis Loder is an experienced Structural Bodywork & Remedial Massage Therapist. He is currently specialising in Structural Integration through the Anatomy Trains program, as well as extensive mentoring with lead teacher and director of Bodywork Integration and Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ, Julie Hammond.

Lewis has a special interest in using structural bodywork for chronic pain relief, postural patterns and movement restrictions. His path from Therapeutic Residential Youth Care Worker to Bodyworker came about after finding lifelong relief from his chronic and debilitating lower back pain through the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration 12 series.

The relief from chronic pain allowed Lewis the space to explore a new career trajectory and share that same gift of relief and space with others.

Lewis approaches the body in a holistic and assertive manner. His passion for anatomy, biomechanics and his background in therapeutic care creates a calm and inviting space for people of all walks of life to not only find resilience, adaptability and ease of movement in their bodies but a state of being.

Karla Lane

Remedial Massage Therapist

Karla is a remedial massage therapist with over ten years of clinical experience. She received her Diploma of Massage Therapy in 2009 from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in British Columbia, Canada. Following graduation, Karla passed her Board Examinations in Ontario, Canada, and worked in Canada for the first several years of her career. In 2014 she emigrated to Australia where she has continued to work as a remedial massage therapist, and over the past few years has furthered her training with structural bodywork courses at Anatomy Trains. Prior to commencing her journey in bodywork, Karla graduated from Carleton University with an Honours degree in Neuroscience. She also completed a qualification in personal training. Both of these areas bring added knowledge and perspective on the human body which contribute to Karla’s skill set.

Karla is an avid amateur sportswoman, having participated in high level sports since she was a child. Her main passions are running, triathlon, rugby and dance. Having experienced many injuries over the years, Karla is dedicated to helping others recover from and prevent injury. Being unable to participate in the activities that bring you joy due to pain or restriction has far reaching effects on a person’s life. Beyond the physical, regaining function and control of our bodies reflects in our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Karla is passionate about bringing her experience, knowledge and understanding to helping each client achieve their unique goals.

Karla also enjoys working with people feeling chronic postural strain. The modern world presents many challenges to our bodies, and Karla enjoys helping her clients navigate these challenges to find comfort in their work and home environments.