Being Human – a collection of articles

Being Human – a collection of articles2020-05-29T09:26:13+08:00

The Anatomy of Breath Dissection

I am back in clinic treating after being online this weekend and my client asked, "so what did you do at the weekend". Well, actually, I spent two evenings narrating a livestream dissection while watching the amazing Todd Garcia uncover the anatomy of the breath on a fresh tissue cadaver. It's a conversation-stopper! That description pales in comparison to [...]

Obturator Internus

Fridays fact: Obturator Internus and its link to the pelvic diaphragm. I have just run my first anatomy quiz, and one of the common questions that tripped people up was on obturator internus. Obturator internus is one of the deep six muscles, which are the lateral rotators of the hip. As a group, they laterally rotate the thigh at [...]


I want to share my love of the hyoid muscles. I travel and teach a lot and often suffer from throat and voice problems. After many trips to the doctor as well as throat lozenges and medication, I realised it was because of muscle tension in my neck and throat. These muscles had a big part to play in [...]

Sub Occipitals / Tension headaches

I love writing my Friday facts and love these group of muscles, but this Friday fact has been a challenge, keeping it short and trying not to go too far down the rabbit hole. This subject will lead to a longer article. Today’s Friday fact is on a beautiful group of four paired muscles at the base of your [...]

Impostor Syndrome

As well as anatomy, I love peoples behaviour and quirks, including my quirks and insecurities. Have you ever felt like you didn't belong, that you weren't good enough, or thought to yourself just before an important presentation "who am I, I shouldn't be here." The international journal of behavioural science estimated that over 70% of people would experience impostor [...]

The Pelvic Floor / Diaphragm

I think there should be a pelvic floor appreciation fan club; it is impressive anatomy. The pelvic floor muscles give support to the organs above, the bladder, rectum and uterus in females, they help you control bladder and bowel function, they are important for sexual function/orgasm, help with core stability and act as a blood and [...]

Our Adaptable Feet

I love the feet, I love teaching students about the feet, and I love treating feet. I went for a run this morning and had pain in my right foot, and I noticed it wasn't adapting to the ground, it felt like one solid block. This lack of adaption or shock absorption was sending pain into my right hip, [...]

The beautiful pterygoids – with the coolest name

I have a list of favourite muscles, and this one is top of my list along with the adductor magnus and obturator internus. I am hoping I am not the only one with a hierarchy of favourite muscles. I would love to know what other peoples are? In my very first dissection I decided the pterygoids would be my [...]

Thrown off the hamster wheel

31st March 2020; Day 14 of Isolation: I like many others, have been running at life for such a long time. What was once a passionate run had become a tiring run. The last few months, my thoughts were; if only time would slow down, if only I had more time, how do we slow the hamster wheel down [...]

Spontaneous Facial Self Touch

Day 10 of isolation and in a world with limited touch at the moment and from someone who is used to treating people, I have become obsessed with touch. Important health advice is not to touch our faces. And yet how many of you are struggling with this simple act? How many of you have realised how often you [...]

Just Breathe…

This is easy to say but not necessarily easy to do at this current time. How often do you focus on your breath? Are you even aware of your breathing pattern? Taking a breath should be easy, with our diaphragm doing most of the work, however for a lot of us our upper body and chest muscles are working [...]

Pectoralis Minor / Clavipectoral fascia

Pec minor is one of the easier muscles to remember; however, it is encased within an impressive fascial layer called the clavipectoral fascia. Pectoralis minor is triangular and found under pectoralis major, attaching from: The 3rd to 5th ribs close to the costal cartilage, variations are often found including an attachment to the 2nd rib. Going diagonally upward to [...]

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