Balancing The Diaphragms

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Balancing The Diaphragms was developed by Julie Hammond and Fiona Palmer based on their teaching and clinical practice experience. They are both Anatomy Trains Teachers with a love of anatomy and in particular women’s health.

In clinical practice, they have both been looking at global treatments for the pelvic floor and getting great results. It was while attending a dissection together in Arizona, looking at the pelvic floor/ diaphragm and connections between these structures that they decided to put their experience and passion into a workshop.

Balancing the Diaphragms workshop focuses on the connections between the five diaphragms in the body. Along with the feet, an honorary diaphragm and the functional relationship with the pelvis and structures above. The respiratory diaphragm or the pelvic diaphragm for that matter can’t just be viewed and treated in isolation; they are part of a bigger picture.

The workshops are recommended for health professionals who have a particular interest in women’s health and would like to know more about global strategies as well as understand the connection between these critical areas. We currently offer two different workshops:

We have a one-day introduction for manual and movement therapists and a two-day workshop for manual therapists.

balancing the diaphragms


This workshop looks at how the balance of each diaphragm is essential for overall health and wellbeing. It will reveal the connection between these structures, the effect they have on each other, and the effect an imbalance in one of these diaphragms can have further along the chain. For example, how problems in the feet could be affecting pelvic diaphragm integrity.

This workshop is an introduction to our five main diaphragms. Its focus is on collaboration between health professionals to expand your referral network and to understand how we cannot treat one area without thinking about the others.

This workshop is heavy on experiential, client movement and self-care exercises for clients with an introduction to the anatomy and touch.

“Knowledgeable presenters with great enthusiasm. Loved it – now I want to do the two day course.”

“I loved the combination of theory, exercises, experiential and manual therapy.
I loved how interactive it was with great content, and looking forward to the two day course.”

Next Workshop:
Taipei, Taiwan on 18 October 2020


This workshop is for experienced therapist’s who have a passion for women’s health and want to go down the anatomy rabbit hole. This workshop is heavy on anatomy and manual techniques and includes experiential and client exercise for self-release.

This workshop will give you:

  • In-depth anatomy of each of the diaphragm’s as well as looking at our honorary diaphragm- the feet
  • Clear understanding of the pelvic floor musculature and ligaments
  • Advanced techniques for each diaphragm
  • Relationship between diaphragm’s
  • Postural assessments
  • Experiential exercises to feel the connections between the diaphragm’s
  • How to put it all together

Next Workshop:
Hong Kong on 16-17 November 2020