31st March 2020; Day 14 of Isolation:

I like many others, have been running at life for such a long time. What was once a passionate run had become a tiring run. The last few months, my thoughts were; if only time would slow down, if only I had more time, how do we slow the hamster wheel down so I can step off for a moment.

Little did we know we would be thrown off the hamster wheel and into a state of uncertainty and fear. The things we thought were important suddenly aren’t. The things we took for granted are the most important things to us. I am talking about loved ones and not toilet roll…

It has and is such a worrying time; businesses have had to close, so many jobs lost. And most importantly, the reality is that people are dying. We have been asked to stay at home, distance ourselves from others to slow down the virus, flatten the curve. When you read it, it doesn’t sound that hard to do. In fact, the hardest thing about staying at home is staying out of the fridge.

I am not making light of the financial burden and stress; my business has also been heavily impacted, the same as everybody else. I have cried lots and then looked at what is happening around us and realised how unimportant that is in the grand scheme of things. Talking to friends in other countries who have lost friends to this virus, brings home the reality of the situation.

This is a time for self-reflection and to reassess your path in life. What are you going to do differently? How do you maintain this sense of priorities, when life goes back to some normality? How do we not forget lessons learnt at this time?

How do we maintain this connection and community?

In this time of social distancing, I have been more virtually sociable than I have ever been. I have been contacted by some amazing people, checking in on me and keeping me smiling. I have watched communities reach out to each other.

For me I don’t want to jump back on the hamster wheel and start running, I want to be able to step on and off and maybe watch the hamster wheel from a distance for a while.